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- Specialist physics tutor in Epping, Sydney-

Fathoming Physics offers expert HSC, preliminary and physics olympiad tuition with Dr. Tammy Humphrey, an experienced PhD. qualified teacher.

Lessons include all practicals required by the syllabus, extensive notes and structured revision.

Information for term 4 2016

HSC classes

- HSC classes will run on Wednesdays & Fridays 5:15-7pm in term 4. There are only a few places remaining in each class. These classes will cover the topic "Motors and Generators" and include revision of the first topic "Space". Please note that from term 1 2017 the Wednesday HSC class will swap to Thursdays.

Preliminary classes (for current year 10 students)

- New preliminary classes will begin with an intensive on "The World Communicates" topic in January 2017. Early enrolments for this class are now open.

Physics Olympiad classes

- New physics olympiad classes will begin in January 2017.

NEW Physics extension classes

- New classes for students who will be in year 9 or 10 in 2017 will begin in term 4. These "hands-on" classes, designed for advanced students who enjoy maths and physics, will serve as an excellent preparation for later physics olympiad study and will include all the material in the new year 11 physics syllabus (which will apply to students entering year 11 in 2018).

More detailed information on all the classes is available here. Online enrolment is available here

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